Why 2019 might be the best time in history to buy a new business

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Buy A new business

Here is Why 2019 Might Be The Best Time

As we mentioned elsewhere, 2019 looks like it might shake out to be the best year in a decade to buy a business in the United States. There are a few big reasons for this:

So if you’re considering a jump into entrepreneurship, -buying an existing small business is absolutely an option you should consider. In his article for business.comLooking Ahead: Buying a Business in 2017, Bruce Hakutizwi states:

Depending on your business strategy, industry, location, and other factors, there are more reliable and willing funding opportunities available to entrepreneurs right now than ever before. Between low-interest traditional business loans, government grants and loans, and a striking volume of venture capital available from individual angel investors, large corporations, and established VC funds, it’s easier and faster than ever before to fund a promising new startup or the expansion of an existing business.

As opposed to the relative risk of a brand new startup, obtaining funds to purchase an already established and successful business is even easier. This is doubly true if you’re purchasing another business that naturally extends or expands your own existing company or expertise since you can likely prove to the lender you’re up to the task of making the acquisition profitable. -Bruce Hakutizwi.

Buying a new business can be an exciting, rewarding and potentially life-changing experience for you and your family. Do your research before you choose any professional to help you with the process, and make sure you’re clear on expectations and compensation from the outset. And as always, we recommend you check the BizNexus Marketplace to help vet financial services professionals, and for any helpful reviews, ratings or relevant content to help guide your way.

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