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A Deal-Matching Process Built On Data

BizNexus is the only platform leveraging data science & predictive analytics to help entrepreneurs efficiently, instantly connect with potential business acquisition opportunities that match with their search preferences. The platform refines the search process, eliminates wasted time and effort, and most importantly optimizes chances of a successful transaction taking place.


matching with data

BizNexus analyzes thousands of data points across intermediary profiles, listings and historical transaction data to help connect buyers with listings and intermediaries most likely to result in a successful transaction. We compile data on business sale transactions across the country to help optimize the matching process.


Accurate recommendations

The large majority of listings discovered by buyers on BizNexus are discovered through the platform’s recommendation system. Our matching algorithm leverages personalization, keyword analysis and data science to continually improve the matching and recommendation process for our community.

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nerd-birthed algorithms

BizNexus uses data science, machine learning and algorithms to help break traditional “category-based search” and find listings for sale buyers might not have initially found if restricted by outdated static category search. We examine nuanced threads of data within listing information, intermediary profiles and keywords.