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a platform built for business brokers

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The Matching Process

Capture sellers in their moment of need.

Sellers are qualified by size of business, industry, timeline for selling, revenue, cash flow & growth.

Sellers are connected to three business brokers who match with their unique business.

Business brokers are ranked in search according to data. The more complete your profile is, the higher you rank in search and the more likely you will be suggested to sellers as they actively search our platform.

Angie's List reference. It's like finding a plumber on Angie's list, or a restaurant on Yelp. 


A Foundation Built on Data

BizNexus is the only platform leveraging data science to help entrepreneurs and intermediaries efficiently connect. The platform refines the search process, eliminates wasted time and effort, and most importantly reduces the risk of entering into an unproductive working relationship.

By facilitating the process of connecting with the best intermediary for you based on experience, historical performance and data, BizNexus increases the probability of a successful, speedy transaction taking place.