Advertising Opportunities With BizNexus

we offer highly targeted advertising to reach:

  1. Business owners

  2. business buyers

  3. business intermediaries

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Business Owners

Every day, business owners visit the BizNexus platform to connect with intermediaries that can help them value and ultimately sell their businesses. We offer a highly niche solution for targeting business owners considering the exit / sale of their business, and for business owners seeking solutions to help them improve their current business valuation and grow their current business to a point of exit / acquisition that will meet their financial needs for retirement and future investment.

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business buyers

Did you know that over 90% of new business owners change their insurance policy and provider within the first year of ownership? What about all of the other professionals, vendors and suppliers who had been supporting the business under previous ownership? Accountants, lawyers, marketers, suppliers, -everything is up for grabs when a new owner with funding takes over seeking fast growth, change and new direction. BizNexus provides a highly targeted, unique solution for getting in front of the new business owners of tomorrow.

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business intermediaries

Did you know BizNexus has over $1 billion of broker-represented businesses for sale on the platform? Business brokers, business intermediaries, and other related professionals within the world of buying and selling businesses engage with the BizNexus platform daily to complete professional profiles, engage with our users and manage their listings and marketing needs through our agency, BN.Digital. We offer a superior level of targeting for vendors, partners and buyout firms interested in connecting with our rapidly growing user-base of M&A industry and related professionals.